This document provides an overview of what the CWIS SAP tool does, why it matters for the sanitation sector, and key ways it can support decision-making.

Project Snapshot

This document provides a quick summary of the project objectives and implementation status as of September 2020.


This presentation, originally delivered at the 2019 International Water Association (IWA) Conference, provides an introduction to the tool and demonstrates its use using a hypothetical city. Note: this presentation uses an earlier, MS Excel-based version of the tool.

Tool Use

Tool User Guide

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool can be found in the User Guide. The guide provides detailed information on how to enter data, the definitions of the data points, and how to interpret the tool outputs.

Data Manual

A detailed technical explanation of the calculations embedded in the CWIS SAP tool can be found in the Data Manual. The manual provides information on the logic, calculations, and assumptions used to build the CWIS SAP model.

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